Sunday, 1 December 2013

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a great month for travel and holidays. Indeed for many of you love life and travel go together, notably if born after April 10th with profounder influence coming after the 21st.

Excellent communications long-distance exist for all between the 5th and 24th and good academic inspiration is in the air too.

After the 5th, all born up to April 3rd have Mars in their solar 2nd house, suggesting that there may be some war drums in the air. People are no pushovers and you will have to be very careful that you get that fine balance between self-assertion and self-surrender with others.

Jupiter tempts all born April 5th to 10th to being a little OTT in behaviour and some moderation is wise. The good times roll but there can be excess and the season may encourage that, particularly on the domestic front, and over-generosity, can be later regretted.

Uranus is finalising his18 month effect on the Sun of those born March 28th to 30th. This every 84 year hit from Uranus has being playing havoc with your life, but has also awakened and enlightened you and kick-started you into a freer future. This journey is over by January and you should have a glimpse now of where it has taken you. You are not in the same place you were prior to June 2012, internally or externally. You are now freer and truer to self.

Pluto by contrast, is still challenging the energy of those born March 30th to April 2nd. This has been a protracted period of power struggles, possibly in terms of your career or professional standings, power struggles that have come from deep within yourself as you struggle to find the independence and transformation you crave, while others have been coercive and controlling which may have attracted the same behaviour in you. This is now a time for great consciousness and to ensure your motive for your own power and independence is wise and good. Avoid those who do not have good motives.

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