Sunday, 1 December 2013

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

This is your month and with Venus and Mercury in your sign as well as the Sun, this really is a full-on period. Between the 5th and the 24th your communications and intellect are powerful and if born December 12th to 21st love life is very much a priority, although after the 21st you may feel the need for more profundity in that particular emotion.

Before the 5th, if born after December 17th have a care at work where things are not so calm, and you can be irritated and volatile, but after that date, all born up to December 5th have an equilibrium that is impressive when working with others.

If born around November 30th to December 2nd, Uranus is on your side, inspiring and exciting you re romance and children’s issues and this influence is allowing you new freedom, as the future looks more interesting, notably after the 17th,

If born November 24th to 26th, beware that you are still uncertain in your goals and confusion is still very much around. Make no definitive decisions.  Ideals and wishful thinking and projecting onto others what you wish to see, can be a tricky and misleading tendency.  However selflessly helping those who really need help can be a natural instinct when under this influence, but beware lame ducks being totally dependent on you. Don’t be the martyr.

The New moon falls in your sign on the 2nd/3rd, which is directly focusing on those born around December 3/4th.For this group; this period heralds a sense of a really new start in terms of cementing relationships and for initiating exciting new beginnings.  You will be sowing new seeds. If born around December 17th-19th, the Full moon on the 17th, suggests that this will be a time when certain issues with others are ripe for eruption. The unconscious will not be quieted 

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