Sunday, 1 December 2013

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Despite the season, you can’t ignore work this month. There’s a need to rationalise life in terms of organisation and structure, and for many of you, love life and profession can merge.

After the 24th if born to July 4th, you have a great ability to harmonise life through brilliant communications with loved ones.

However if born before July 5th you have from the 5th, a sense that others connected to home, family or who you share house space with, may be a little obstructive and you yourself may well have to be wary of being a bull, or shall we say crab, in a china shop.

However Jupiter is still in your sign, bringing his once every 12 year blessings now to all those born July 7th to 13th,This group are helped now in terms of health issues, luck, prosperity, inner or outer growth and a sense of well-being and generosity. But because Saturn is also affecting this same group in a positive way, there is also discipline and self-control thrown into the mix, enough to bring out the best in this combination of these planetary influences..

However if born at the very end of June, Uranus is just coming to the end of a 18-month transit which has been very disruptive particularly re position and career. Uncertainty, desire for change, insecurity and unpredictability have all been in the air. It has been a roller coaster. This, you will be glad to know, is all coming to a close, and hopefully you will now have a glimpse of where the new chapter is taking you. Also, if born July 1st to 4th Pluto is still bringing others into your path who are challenging even coercive and you need to avoid the same behaviour in self. Recognise the dark in others and self and work with consciousness to reach the light on the other side.

Neptune if born June 23rd to 26th is inspiring you spiritually and from long distance sources.. . You are after this 2-year influence, now a more sensitive and spiritually inspired person  

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