Sunday, 1 December 2013

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

December is a period for Taureans to be very serious, intense, deep and philosophical about life. It involves a time when you have to contemplate the profounder issues of relationships and in some way give oneself away for others. Excellent communications can be achieved with those close before the 5th if born after May 14th. Finances are high profile after the 5th and before the 24th, and if born up to May 2nd,. After the 24th during Xmas, there is great deal of communication harmony, notably if born up to May 3rd and especially if away from home .

Many of you will also be feeling after the 21st especially, a sense of specialness about close relationships.

Much constructive energy and drive can be put into life before the 5th if born after May 16th as Mars is giving wise energy.

Jupiter is also favouring all born May 6th to 11th. He brings contentment, wisdom and generosity and good will.

There is however an overlap with those born May 7th to 12th who have Saturn opposing their Suns. Some oppression, some reality checks are in the air, but Jupiter is certainly taking the edge off and providing a cavalry effect.

Neptune is finalising his sensitising of the souls of all born April 25-26th, after nearly 2 years of influence. The arts /music /the sea have inspired and your ability to feel others pain has increased, bringing a softer heart and more creative and spiritual inspiration. Ego has diminished.

Pluto is bringing a particular sense of will, courage and insight for all born April 29th to May 3rd. This very rare transit is creating for some time to come, a sense of courage, higher wisdom and a sense of self-regeneration and reinvention in achieving what needs to be achieved, and long-distance issues particularly are empowering, as are metaphysical issues.

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