Sunday, 1 December 2013

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

A busy time at work calls and you will be expected to shine. After the 5th communications in that area will be effective and powerful, but from the 24th when Mercury moves into your solar 11th house, party time, fun, leisure and family and happy communications get well underway, notably if born up to March 3rd.

For all born March 11th to 19th, Venus in your solar 10th house suggests that luck and romance can be linked, but beware sycophancy.

After the 21st when Venus moves retrograde, some meditation on the principles of affections and your professional standing will be in order.

If born after March 16th, before the 5th there is a distinct danger of crossing swords with those close to you. Irritation is in the air. After the 5th it is important to put constructive energy into complex financial issues.

Jupiter is on your side if born March 6th to 11th. This group are really in party mood appropriately for the season. It is also rich in romantic possibilities. It is also a time rich in positivity around offspring. However this same group also have Saturn bringing a sense of the serious, a need for a certain amount of austerity and a very grown-up, measured approach to life.

Neptune continues to surround those born February 20th to 23rd, bringing heightened sensitivity to the nth degree. In fact this is a time for celebrating huge creative skill that emanates from a very soulful source. Keep your sense of reality and don’t fall for being drawn towards cults and intense ideological conditioning, as you are potentially gullible.

Pluto for all those born February 28th to March 3rd is bringing a transformative strength, leadership skills and incisive intelligence to bear. This power is a gift.


  1. Hi Leigh, love your horoscopes! I am a Leo rising so should I read your Leo post also? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Ram
      thanks very much for your kind words .. Yes always read Leo too .. to get a fuller picture!
      Best Leigh