Sunday, 1 December 2013

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

This month is a powerful one for all relationship issues, the sign of Sagittarius being dominant, ruling your opposite sign of relationships. Indeed if born any time after June 11th, romance, joy, happiness, harmony and beauty are all very powerfully infused in your life, and after the 21st, your connection with others is deep and compassionate and is reciprocated.

Note that, all born after June 13th should use before the 5th to get things communicated well and effectively.

However, before the 5th if born after June 15th, there will be some disruption on the home front by those who may well be a little less than tolerant, and after the 5th if born up to June 4th, you may well be in predatory mode when it comes to romance.

Those born May 28th to 30th have Uranus finalising his visitation by sextile your Sun. for 18 months he has been encouraging you to grow, experiment, liberate, experience new people and ideas and philosophies, and this is now coming to fruition. Your consciousness is larger and your sense of unique authenticity is now stronger and liberated.

Neptune is bringing confusion or disaffection (probably in career) to a final conclusion now, if born May 23rd to 26th. Clarity appears very early next year. The message of this foggy journey becomes clear then and your heart is now more operative as an influence in your being, and probably for life.

The new Moon on the 2nd./3rd , encourages then those born around June 2nd to feel a sense of a new start re others., whilst if born around June 8th, the full Moon on the17th, may sense that you cannot then ignore a truth within your self, re another  and it will not be silenced.  Confronting this is more constructive than repressing it, provided you have a little self control.

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