Sunday, 1 December 2013

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Domesticity calls. Issues to do with real estate, family and home are very high on the agenda. If born after September 15th use the first five days to impress with communications and with making good decisions, and then up to the 24th family communications are powerful and meaningful.

After the 24th during the Christmas period, if born up to September 5th the party spirit flows and many of you will be in very self-indulgent mode all month, although after the 21st if born after September 13th there may be a pause for some of the more profound emotions of life.

Mars is in your sign before the 5th suggesting that in those first five days, for all born after September 18th there will be forces to be reckoned with. Your drive, will, ambition and assertiveness will almost be taking you by surprise and be aware that other people are no pushovers at that time, notably in matters relating to financial dealings.

For those born September 8th to 13th there is a special boost from the power of friendships this month. Social life and contacts prove especially valuable and this same group also have a great measured ability to make wise judgements.

If born September 2nd to 5th then Pluto is seriously powerful in relationship to love life, offspring issues and creative power. This is a very constructive time when a sense of transformation, regeneration and destiny is in the air. You have no choice but to take advantage of a new and self-reinventive power in this area of life.

Meanwhile Neptune is finishing his long 2 year haul of opposing the Suns of those born August 25th-28th. Others are elusive, and there is a very gradual dissolving of ties with others Beware others being slightly less that straight with you and also beware of the seductive power of wishful thinking re others.  However enjoy your extra empathy, which others love.

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