Sunday, 1 December 2013

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Before the 21st the Sun in Sagittarius suggests a time when you may want to hunker down and be a little private and escape the world. A bit of meditation is a positive thing, although before the 5th friends can be very understanding and communicative if born after January 14th.

Between the 5th and 24th communications in private and much private thinking can be progressive and empowering, and after the 24th if born up to January 3rd will be much more high profile with your communication skills and your mind will be sharp and affective.

Many of you will be reviewing much in love life in a very private way and good done for others behind-the-scenes with sensitivity, notably after the 21st, serves you well in  relationships.

Before the 5th all born after January 16th can experience successful long-distance dealings and courage is strong, and after the 5th you will have a certain amount of a sense of responsibility and drive in terms of career and status.

All born January 6th to 11th have Jupiter enhancing relationships, bringing good new people into your life, foreign connections, good news and there is a mutual advantage to be gained in all relationships, and your generosity and openness is strong. This will be combined with a mature sense of obligation, duty and reality.

Uranus, if born December 29th to 31st is creating a few waves. Domestically there is a little bit of unpredictability in the air and it is making you feel a little uneasy. You are restless and others around you are too. Hang loose and go with the flow. This is a time of an awakening and enlightening and a time to depart from outworn circumstances, but not on impulse.

Pluto is powerful now for those born the first two days of January. You are being anointed with fate and there may be endings and new beginnings. An acquaintance with your own potential is in the air.

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