Sunday, 1 December 2013

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

This is a time to keep an eye on finances, as Yuletide spending can carry you away. Generosity is strong, but keep perspective. There is certainly a strong feel-good factor when it comes to finances, notably if born after November 13th, although your value system may be a little challenged from the 21st., when you need to be aware of the downside of overvaluing money.

Before the 5th if born after November 18th Mars ensures that you are a power to be reckoned with, in a very constructive way when dealing with others and your wisdom is well directed.
After the 5th many of you may find that resentments build up, if sat on, can be poisonous. Do not seethe as it only exacerbates the problem

If born November 8th to 14th, Jupiter is promising exciting travel, if chosen. Long-distance issues provide wisdom and joy. Luck is around you as is benevolence. However this same group have Saturn sitting on their Sun, so Jupiter can acts as a cavalry effect. In fact all born November 9th to 14th are experiencing a strong sense of karma, responsibility, obligation and some reality checks that need to be faced. Some tiredness and a very serious tone in life needs honouring and respecting, also looking after the body and accepting difficult tasks.

Neptune is harmonising with the Suns now of those born October 25th-28th. This long running aspect is nearly over. It has inspired creativity, compassion and lowered the ego concerns and it has also opened up a stronger sense of the spiritual and an awareness of the intangible in life in a positive way.

Your ruler Pluto however is directly affecting those born November 2nd to 5th, empowering this group with forensic insight and communications that really get noted. Do not underestimate your determination and power, which need using wisely.

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