Sunday, 1 December 2013

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd .

Take advantage of a powerful intellectual talent this month when you can combine heart with head effectively, notably if born after October 14th. There is much joy in the air

Up to the 5th, all born up to October 7th have Mars in your own sign, directly affecting you and implying a powerful will, energy and drive to achieve what you want to achieve, but as usual you can be an iron fist in a velvet glove and achieve without much opposition, although others’ power may well be obvious to you as well.

Those born October 9th to 14th need to be aware that Jupiter is encouraging a lack of moderation. A little bit of arrogance and complacency can be problematic but the good times do roll. Do not be over-confident at work either.

If born October 1st to 3rd be aware that others are creating a lack of security in your life and are behaving unpredictably. You cannot rely on the dependability of others. They are shaking up your life a little, and if you but knew it, it is ultimately for a good reason. Others are often ships in the night now, but exciting ones rather than permanent fixtures.   Uranus is simply bringing you a message that is designed to awaken you to different viewpoints and roads ahead.

Pluto is also creating quite a rare and serious challenge that can be empowering, to all born October 2nd to 5th. There is a desire to struggle against oppression, especially in a domestic environment. The struggle is within your self, but an agent outside yourself can trigger it. Buttons are being pressed tat can make you feel quite volcanic in temper.. Dig deep to discover the roots of this energy, be conscious and recognise that this is a drive to find your own power, and ensure it is for the greater good.