Saturday, 1 March 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a time of some behind-the-scenes retreat, contemplations and privacy, and contacts with the past may figure largely. Before the 5th you may well be able to use your charm notably well in career, but beware of being sycophantic or hypocritical if born after April 16th.

However after the 5th many born up April 15th will enjoy the input of quiet times with friends.

The big mover and shaker now is your ruler Mars. He is in your opposite sign of Libra which is to do with relationships. Particularly now, If born April 12th to 19th there is a feeling that others are a little obstructive and this has been around for some time. There is some confrontational energy flagged up, but from the 2nd these are more indirect, introverted, and locked up mode.

Be very wary that between the 2nd of this month and May 20th relationship issues are in flux and changing in a very behind-the-scenes, secretive way. Partners are going through complicated times and need time and to be left alone, and it is best not to be too invasive. All is privately evolving, but uncertainty abounds.

If born April 1st and 2nd be wary that over-indulgence and expenditure can be later regretted and this same group have a chaotic sense in their lives as Uranus sits in his once every 84 year visitation to your Sun. You are restless, adrenalized, excited, claustrophobic, wanting change and all feels unsettled. This is no stranger to you as it has been around for nearly a year. Hang loose, go with the flow and know change is happening without you pushing it.

 Also if born around April 2nd to 4th, Pluto is creating a little havoc in terms of power games being played within you and with others. You are trying to find your true career and personal identity and get rid of ties that are keeping you immature. Do not be primeval and over-reactive in response to others. This is a long transit that will not be over until December 2015 ,so use this journey for a self-reinvention that will evolve.

 The new moon on the 30th will bring for those born on that date, some sense of a good new chapter opening up in life.

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