Saturday, 1 March 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Your sense of logic is strong as are your communication skills, and before the 17th there is a lot of thinking about your favourite subject, money. Security issues are important.

Venus is in your sign before the 5th, enhancing the lives of those born after January 15th. The power of love and generosity is strong in life, to you from others, and vice versa. After the 5th, finances can be enhanced through the arts.

Mars is not so kind now to your energies if born January 12th to 19th. There are certain assertive people, either at work or elsewhere, and your own patience is limited and it can all feel a little combative. Much of it is in your hands. However from the 2nd when Mars moves retrograde things will be more internalised with lack of resolution. A time for quiet contemplation re long-term considerations in relation to work and colleagues will be in order.

Jupiter is bringing a dose of indulgence, happiness and confidence to those born January 1st to 3rd. Relationships are enjoyable, but there’s a need for moderation especially in relationships. After the 6th however, Jupiter definitely can bring positive rewards.

Uranus however will, for this same group create a need for excitement and adventure, which isn’t helping the lack of moderation needed now. The unexpected is in the air and it all feels a little unsettled. Be careful about impulsiveness, as you seek to satisfy your adrenaline need.

Pluto is also now sitting firmly on the Suns in his such rare visitation of those born around January 4th. This group needs to be prepared to take on the gift of responsibility, power and a sense of destiny. Use wisely and with humility and have a care around other powerful beings.

Saturn, for those born January 12th to 15th is holding you steady. Your ruling planet is bringing a certain amount of mature austerity; and friendships are valuable and demand attention.

Neptune is bringing a touch of the divine and idealism now if born Dec 26th-29th. Creative and spiritual senses are underlined. As is compassion and empathy. Being near the sea feels good.

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