Saturday, 1 March 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Friendships and group associations are important for you this month and your input is particularly powerful after the 17th.

Before the 5th, if born after May 17th, harmony surrounds your life as does wisdom, and travel and romance go hand-in-hand. After the 5th you need to promote charm in your working life.

Mars in Libra will be retrograde on the 2nd, indicating for your sign that work and health issues will be important. There are things that you need to reconsider in these areas, methodology, and values, how you treat your body – some decisions may well be put on hold. There will be drive, but you may need to think a little outside the box. Beware also putting strain on your body in your efforts at work. It may quietly undermine health.

Jupiter is helpful if born May 1st to 3rd. He is enhancing intellect, communication skills and giving a sense of confidence, and opportunities are around that you need to grab.

However if born May 13th to 16th, Saturn is keeping you very much under his thumb. Other people are aggressive, difficult and you may be feeling some reality checks around them. You have to be very measured in your response to people and accept that life can be not without snags. Do what is sensible, wise, grown-up and necessary, even if uncomfortable and you will be grateful later. It is also a time to sort out some sheep from goats in your life.

By contrast, if born around May 3rd to 5th, Pluto is giving a great boost of energy, strength, insight, drive and power to your consciousness and wisdom, and life-changing empowering situations can emanate from higher study and long-distance and even legal situations.

Neptune too is now bringing a quiet sense of quiet ego less contentment and inspired sensitivity to those born April 25th-28th. Don’t underestimate benefits gained from and given to friends; and the causes you believe in.

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