Saturday, 1 March 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Work will preoccupy you this month, notably after the 17th when mental concentration will be important. Prior to the 17th many of you, especially if born after October 11th will also be having some fun.

However after the 5th, many of you will also be feeling the power of love and romance resonating in your life and creative skills need nurturing.

However Mars is in your sign currently and now mostly affecting those born October 15th to 22nd. As Mars is retrograde from the 2nd, this is an interesting energy. Much will be felt as if it is put on hold in some way. Your energies are ready to go and you are ready to challenge what you need to, but there is a sense of paralysis somehow. This is a period when many of you will be definitely be stopping and taking a hard, long look at your life and taking stock of relationships. The impact of other people is strong on your life as they go through changes. It may not be till late May that things start to go forward in a more comprehensible way.

If born October 3rd to 6th, beware complacency or biting off more than you can chew at work, and also for this same group, with Uranus on your case, there will be a feeling that many around you are behaving in ways that are making you feel very unsettled, but actually they are catalysts for your better future. It is hard to relax now, as all seems in flux. Do not be too spontaneous. Stop and think.

Pluto is also affecting those born around October 6th to 8th. There can be some power struggles but there is a need to change and empower yourself. It is a time when Librans need to get more into self-assertive mode, (without abusing power) rather than a more typical surrendering one.  This is a time to find out your potential.

Finally there is a second new Moon in Aries, on the 30th directly affecting those born around October 3rd, who may on that date, have a sense of a new relationship chapter

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