Saturday, 1 March 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd TO December 21st

Focus may largely be on home and domestic issues and change in that area, and communications with family, particularly after the 17th may be important. Before the 17th, many of you will find that your intellect is sharp and communications are very successful.

Planning around money can be very useful before the 5th, and Mars moving retrograde on the 2nd, can for many of you, especially if born December 14th to 21st, put many projects and goals on hold, and even there may be some reconsideration of which projects are worth it and which aren’t. Blocks and restrictions are in the air, but you are able to constructively work yours through with a new internalised psychological reassessment of self and goals.. This feeling of things being on hold and reconsidered may last until May 20th.

Uranus for those born December 2nd to 6th is bringing a new sense of excitement to life. Romantic and children’s issues are to the forefront. There is also a sense of having good instincts when it comes to speculations. Life is kick-starting you into a better, newer, more innovative future. Have faith in that, and your thinking is somehow being liberated now as you look outside the box.

Neptune by contrast, is, for those born November 27th-30th, bringing a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty with some illusion/delusion or even deception in the ether. There is a feeling of being somehow rootless re where you belong or should live and a dissolving of ties with the past somehow. All is a little less concrete than you would like, but stay flexible and keep grounded and trust that this is a necessary voyage without compass or map, but know that provided you stay as grounded as possible, you will find your way gradually, to a more appropriate place, both spiritually and literally, if patient and do check the small print in all things.

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