Saturday, 1 March 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

March is a month of relationships issues, notably after the 17th when Mercury is also in that that sector of your solar chart and relationships can then really be enhanced by good communications, but others will very much dominate your life.

Before the 5th, those born after the 19th will be in party and romantic mode, and therefore it is a pleasant period for grabbing life to the full in extrovert mode.

Because of Mars’ retrograde motion from Libra from the 2nd, many of you will be finding that financial issues are somehow unresolved and it is hard to know how to move forward, and there may need to be a rethink about your value system.

However if born September 2nd to 5th, Jupiter is bringing a good social life, support from good friends and your leadership abilities are strong, particularly after the 6th, and if born 15th to 18th serious minds, measured thoughts are all to your advantage, courtesy of Saturn’s mature and stabilising influence

Have a care however, if born August 28th to 31st that people in your life are really as they seem. There is a great deal of room for selective perception, rose-coloured spectacles and for projection and people may well be creating a little smoke and mirrors around themselves. This is all the result of Neptune’s rare influence, as he opposes your sun. Positively, your empathy and compassion are extra strong and your psychic sensitivity to others should not be underestimated.

If born around September 5th to 7th you are starting to be rather amazed at your new confidence and transformational abilities, especially re the arts and romance..

There is a new moon on the 1st in Pisces and this will impact those born round September 3rd a positive sign for relationship renewals. On the 16th a full Moon in your sign, may well be felt by those born round September19th. A day of some realisations and truths.

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