Saturday, 1 March 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Career and public standing are important to you this month and much work will be needed to enhance that, and after the 17th communications that you need to be very careful about, will be important in your career if born up to June 11th.

Before the 17th, many of you, particularly if born after June 9th may well enjoy long-distance travel. Also, your mind is particularly sharp and capable when it comes to academic studies, and after the 5th many of you will be finding the possibility of the ability to combine love and travel and great enjoyment from study.

Mars is currently in Libra, a compatible sign to yours, directly affecting all born June 13th to 19th. He is bringing a great deal of energy into creative and artistic work and romantic issues, and also connected to offspring. However from the 2nd there is a definite sense of things being put on hold and a need to withdraw into oneself and review a little. This is a global phenomenon. Energy is internalised and rather paralysed for a reason, and this will be the case until May 20th. Goals will certainly be rather reconsidered but to ultimate good.

If born June 1st to 4th Uranus is bringing some unexpected but exciting new opportunities and possibilities through friends and contacts. Others are definitely catalysts now and way-showers in life, especially if they have long-distance connections. Your intellect goes from being truly rational to more intuitive and the combination of the two is enhancing. You are seeing big-picture truths.

However if born May 26th to 29th, there is a little confusion going on. You are not seeing clearly, you are floating, nothing is certain. Make no irrevocable decisions, especially re career. Many things are dissolving very slowly, and you may have to see what appears out of the fog. Trust in the seemingly irrational but the valid more hidden journeys of life.

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