Saturday, 1 March 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

The focus now is very much on romance, offspring and creative issues, and living life to the full, especially after the 17th, if born before November 12th.

If born up to November 18th you are able to combine intellect with heart, so to be extremely charming before the 5th. After the 5th, there is a great enjoyment being on the home front with family and the possibility of having very good taste in changes made domestically.

Mars meanwhile is in your solar 12th house which is not easy for Scorpios as it tends to make you seethe and build up resentments, particularly as Mars is your co-ruler, and when Scorpio build up resentments, there is an unpleasant explosion at some point, so it’s important to get your passions out calmly, rather than sit on them. However because Mars is also retrograde from the 2nd until May 20th, the potential for locked up anger and repression of resentment, can be extra dangerous, so be aware and have a care.

Jupiter meanwhile is a very positive influence if born between November 2nd and
 5th. It’s a great time for travel and success in academic issues. It brings a feel-good factor and confidence. It’s helpful too re finances, especially after the 6th when it moves direct.

Saturn is sitting fairly and squarely in his once every 30-year hit, on the Suns of those born November 14th to 16th. This is a time of karmic confrontation, blocks and restrictions, and Saturn demands that you adhere to the discipline of doing what are necessary and facing facts, and putting right what has gone wrong. This is about action, hard work, patience, discipline and humility. No pain, no gain; but ultimately very constructive. Hard work pays off.

Neptune brings a touch of magic to those born October 28th to 31st. You yearn for your ideal, romantically and creatively. Music, the arts, sensitivity, empathy and compassion flourish.

Meanwhile your ruler Pluto is bringing extra power to those born November 5th to 7th Wisdom and forensic insight are yours, use them well, and if you want to get to the truth, you will.

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