Saturday, 1 March 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Travel and energies to do with further study are very much enhanced this month, especially after the 17th if born up to July 12th.

Before the 5th if born after July 18th, life is enhanced by the kindness of others and love that is proffered. Love life and friendships flourish. After the 5th there is more depth and seriousness in your relationships.

Mars retrograde from the 2nd until May 20th will focus on your domestic and home life and family issues. There may be some hiccups, delays, and restrictions, some rethinking which all need honouring. A time of some reassessment is at hand and indeed for all born after July 14th, there may be some stress, impatience and short temper on the domestic front. Patience and tolerance may well be needed on all sides.

Jupiter however is magnificently placed now for all born July 2nd to 5th. In his once every 12-year visitation, he is enhancing your life with luck, love, growth – inner and outer, and bringing bonuses to work and health.

However this same group have Uranus directly influencing you too, which would imply that there is a great sense of change and uncertainty in the air, and possibly on the work front, but you have the confidence now to make decisions, but always count to ten.

If born around July 6th, there is some critical situation connected to possible power struggles with others. This is a time to be dignified, conscious and controlled with some humility and not sink to the same dark levels as others may sink to. Stand up and protect your corner if you know you are being reasonable and right.

Neptune brings a touch of fantasy, magic and great compassion to those born June 26th –29th. The arts, long distance, travel and spiritual dimensions bring exceptional inspiration. Trust your heart. Saturn meanwhile brings a grounded, grown up wisdom and courage in romance, creative matters and in issues related to children, to those born July 14th-17th

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