Saturday, 1 March 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

It may be a time when you are forced to focus on some of the more challenging, difficult and deeper aspects of life in terms of relationships and indeed re shared resources, and complex financial issues, such as tax, insurance, alimony, inheritance issues, notably after the 17th.

After the 5th however, all born up to August 19th have Venus, from your opposite sign of Aquarius, bringing the propensity for love and affection into your life and kindness to others pays off in many unexpected ways.

Mars being retrograde from the 2nd would imply that many of you feel a little paralysed as to which action to take. Your thoughts are going to be rather suspended for a few months. All is in flux and uncertain and action and decisions may well be put on hold of necessity. Your goals and life directions will be questioned, not least by yourself.. and friendships will come under deep scrutiny too.

If born August 15th to 18th, Saturn is demanding his pound of flesh. Family and domestic issues are pressing and need attention and you cannot kick the can down the road. Restrictions and blocks are there to teach you. Saturn is the benevolent despot, but also a karmic schoolteacher, so take responsibility for events, if demanded, with humility and preparedness to learn.

Uranus however if born July 28th to 31st, is bringing a spark to your life, a need for excitement, adrenaline, a buzz, and travel and higher learning can provide this. At the very least you are wanting more freedom and having your unique individuality acknowledged and honoured.  Relationships are real catalysts for growth, enlightenment and change now and even those encounters that are ships that pass in the night, are in some way valuable.  This is a truly innovative period and happens rarely. Every approximately 82 years

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