Saturday, 1 March 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Mercury in your sign from the 17th should sharpen all your communications skills and intellect, for all born up to March 10th. Relationship communications are advantaged. Before the 17th, time thinking on your own can be very useful.

Before the 5th if born after March 16th, friends can be particularly supportive and loving and this is reciprocated. After the 5th many of you will be much more private with your affections.

Mars moves retrograde on the 2nd staying that way until May 20th. This suggests that complex financial issue and some of the profounder dealings in life become complex, and it is a time not for action, but reconsideration. Energy is internalised but beware building up resentment.

Jupiter is very fortunate for those born March 1st and 2nd. Love, the arts and offspring issues are underlined happily especially after the 6th when Jupiter moves direct. It feels very pro life and celebratory

If born around March 12th to 15th, Saturn is creating a situation where you have to be very grown-up, disciplined and measured in your response to situations, and constructive hard work will seriously pay off, particularly to do with study. Travel could be dutiful.

Pluto is starting now to give more long term power, depth and insight to those born round March 4th.

Neptune meanwhile is sitting right on the Suns of those born February 23rd to 26th, bringing out the very essence of Pisces. Beware escapism, hypersensitivity and also be aware that your creative and spiritual side is the strongest that it has ever been and probably will ever be again. There is a feeling that the old is dissolving and the new has yet to come. This is a long journey and you may need some blind faith. The new moon o the 1st suggests a day of new beginnings if born around March 1st, and for those born round Mach 16th, the full moon of the 16th can signify significant eruptions from others on that day.

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