Thursday, 1 May 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Behind-the-scenes energy, privacy and staying close to home may be part of the month’s mood. In fact much can be achieved from the portals of your own base.

Between the 7th and 29th there is a major opportunity for skill in creative forces being shown, particularly to do with the written and spoken word, and communications with romantic partners and children excel.

Between the 3rd and 30th, Venus in your 3rd house adds charm to your brain, so you will  all have great influence through what you say and write.

Mars moving direct on the 20th is probably going to unlock problems connected to academic, travel and international issues, and for all born January 28th to February 2nd, this is a particularly proactive period of release of constructive energy that has been hanging fire for some time.

However if born February 7th to 10th, Saturn is a little stressful. Career pressure or under-confidence is strong. Frustrations and blocks abound, as do reality checks. It is a time to face facts and do what one can to secure a better, stronger infrastructure. Saturn, your co-ruler, is after all, your teacher. Humility and self honesty are important allies when Saturn is in the ether.

The good news for those born February 2nd to 5th is that your ruler Uranus is enhancing your Sun in his once every 42-year angular connection to your part of the zodiac. He is bringing out your true intuitive, maverick, individualistic qualities, releasing your true potential, the innovative, the libertarian and the super-conscious in your being. You want excitement; adventure and you are taking a leap into a new future. Think outside the box and the study of such esoteric subjects, as astrology can be a valuable draw.

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