Thursday, 1 May 2014


                                 by Leigh Oswald (London based astrologer and teacher)

The cardinal grand cross of last month dissipates a little, but Uranus and Pluto are still vying with each other, as indeed they have been doing for many a moon. The T square between Uranus, Pluto and Mars is still operative for several months, so tensions are certainly still bubbling planetary wise. Rising inequality between the very wealthy and the rest is becoming ever more evident and transparent globally.

Mars in Libra (the sign of fairness/justice and inclusivity) has been aggravating the ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto. Quite simply this means that anger about suggestions of recovery by the powers that be, which have not been felt by the majority, is being stirred up, but as yet, because Mars is retrograde, it is still festering. When Mars moves direct on the 20th, real agendas will become evident socio-politically/economically, and the fall-out will be obvious, culminating in June and also when the Sun in Cancer feeds the T-square in the first half of July, planetary tensions are exacerbated again. 

The power of nature too will be showing its muscle then.  Mother nature has her sense of knowing when injustice is done to her, notably in our over exploitation of her resources and in our drive to put economic growth before the balance of nature.

The ongoing Ukraine situation is a stressful one a negative manifestation of Mars in Libra. It translates as: unpredictable, maverick energies (Uranus), with hubristic delusions of power and grandeur (Pluto), dicing with aggressive military manoeuvres in the name of “patriotic” justice (Mars).

Pluto is now strongly opposing the USA chart’s Sun (every 248 years) and this is a clear statement of challenge from foreign manoeuvres. As Pluto rules the USA ‘s 12th house, which represents old karmic enemies, the spectre of the past cold war with Russia (Soviet Union) has loomed again.

The economic stresses of the nation will also be showing, as Pluto (natally in the solar 2nd house of the USA, which represents the economic health of the nation) is about to enter the second house again. The glaring inequality among the populace is approaching a tipping point, where it can no longer be sidelined in policy.

Jupiter moves to trine Saturn in the last half of the month, suggesting a sense of balance being attained between conservation and expansion. It also suggests that some sort of a sense of morality/integrity will somehow show its face on the world stage.

The full Moon falls on the 14th at 23° of Scorpio, signifying the eruption of things that have been festering and which can be quite a catalyst and ends of chapters are in the air, whereas the new Moon on the 28th at 7° of Gemini is a signification of new starts, new chapters, a time to sow and to prepare a new crop for the future somehow..

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