Thursday, 1 May 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Uncomfortably or not, it is your career and public reputation that needs some focus this month. All eyes will be on you to perform. Between the 7th and 30th, your ability for excellent communication and your general wisdom will enhance your social life and friends can give you very sound and intelligent advice so have the humility to listen.

Between the 3rd and 29th when Venus is in Aries, love life and travel are natural partners and general harmony of mind with others brings satisfaction and richness to your being. The arts can also enhance your life.

Importantly, Mars moving direct from the 20th can help to alleviate stresses and tensions that you have been feeling for some months re blocked plans and frustrated inability to express your self fully and honestly.  From the 20th, you will be able to get out your true thoughts and feelings and communications with others can be more direct. Energy is also improved and the feeling that you can move forward with plans, and particularly overseas and academic plans, can get underway. Any outstanding and blocked legal, or publishing related issues can start to move foreword too.

However if born August 10th to 14th Saturn is reminding you that your home and your roots need securing and your family will be quick to pin you down to your responsibilities and your need to address reality. Look after your health too and don’t kick cans down the road.

Uranus is in very exciting mode now for those born around August 6th –9th.  His long flirtation with your Sun (not over till April next year) is bringing a sense of liberation and confidence in your own uniqueness and in a new more innovative future. Other borders call, both literal and metaphorical. Your intuition can also serve you well and eureka moments are in the air.  However do not let your sense of needed freedom allow you to ignore obligations and duties to those you owe allegiance to, notably on the home and family front.

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