Thursday, 1 May 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

This is your solar return period and so a significant beginning of a new 12-month chapter and you can shine. Between the 7th and 29th is a very good time to negotiate and communicate and reorganise on a rational basis your financial situation, and between the 3rd and 29th some behind-the-scenes empathy and compassion for others will serve you well in your soul.

Mars moving direct on the 20th having been retrograde for several months, indicates that there is a feeling of progress in a constructive way to do with work and health issues. There have been niggling problems and tiredness and this will start to dissipate from that date.

Jupiter is a friend now of those born May 4th to 12th. He is enhancing natural wisdom and intuition, bringing bonuses from siblings and a boost to confidence, and some luck is in the air, as are travel plans and holidays. .
 However Saturn, still in your opposite sign, is now again haunting the Suns by opposition of those born May 8th to 12th. For this group there is again a feeling of some oppression from others. Only you can decide if this is a valid demand from others to do one’s duty and to face reality, or whether someone is being unreasonable. Whichever way, it is a wake-up call to realities in your life and to take on board some karmic lessons about oneself. Also it’s a time not to push out the boat too far when it comes to stressing the body.

Neptune is bringing a touch of divine sensitivity to the hearts and souls of those born April 27th –29th. Great sensitivity to the sufferings of others and of humanity in general is likely and creative gifts are also enhanced and friends are particularly in harmony with you now.

Pluto too is now empowering of the energies of those born May 3rd-5th.It’s a time to realise one’s intellectual/philosophical potential and to find regeneration and transformation within..

The full Moon in Scorpio on the 14th is directly affecting those born round May14th/15th. This is a significant day of wake up calls and reality checks about significant others.

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