Thursday, 1 May 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Mars moving direct on the 20th indicate that for many of you, any resentments, limitations, restrictions, internalised uncertainty or anger can be released from that date, not least in domestic or family matters or real estate. Notably those born June 30th to July 4th may experience this as rather stressful in terms of a little bit of an eruption from others, or from self. Stop and count to ten. Fortunately friends can be very proactive in helping you through life this month and behind-the-scenes communications with others can further your goals between the 7th and 29th.

Professional issues are enhanced between the 3rd and 29th for al of you and the beauty and harmony that you can exude is very helpful and indeed love life can be intermingled well.

Jupiter in your sign now, is sitting on the Suns of those born July 6th to 14th bringing a once every 12 year boost to confident work potential, luck and internal and external growth and with Saturn also helping you along with wisdom and an adult attitude towards your love life and responsibilities, all makes for good long-term security.

If born June 28th to 30th, Neptune is bringing longings for greater spiritual connection with others, extra compassion, creative inspiration and a bit of magic. Longings for magical travel to escapist locations or for spiritual retreats are strong now and can be fulfilled very happily. 

Uranus and Pluto are still in their seemingly interminable challenge to your sign and are now affecting those born around July 6th-8th. For this group there is an urgent sense of wanting change, but fearing it being imposed upon them by others, especially professionally. All is in flux and nothing feels secure, meanwhile other are potentially bringing power struggles to your door, or you feel a victim of abuse of power. All this indicates a need to take a leap into a new future as it presents itself to you, but without too much unthinking impulse, and to be very careful and conscious of your motive in all you do and to have the courage to draw dignified boundaries when others, or self, are clearly out of order.

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