Thursday, 1 May 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

A little quiet retreat will serve you well this month and you benefit from a little communion with your soul and the past.  Some alone time may not be typical, but very beneficial.

However between the 7th and 29th with Mercury in your own sign, you will all be still demonstrating your excellent intellect, versatility and communication skills, but just be aware to listen to others as well as to yourself.

Friends between the 3rd and 29th will be encouraging you to make your presence felt in your social life and you need to balance that with a desire for some retreat.

Mars going direct on the 20th is good news for your sign after some months of prevarication, uncertainty or even internalised frustration re love life. From that date, there will be a green light that goes on to pursue not only romantic agendas more constructively, but also creative ones, and issues with children move ahead more smoothly. Notably those most benefiting from this are born May 30th to June 3rd.

If born June 4th to 7th note that Uranus is now in his once every 42 year angle to your Sun, producing a need for some excitement, adventure, innovation, liberation and bringing out your humanitarian instincts. You are being awakened and enlightened in some are of life and you cannot fail to respond. All good.

Meanwhile Neptune is affecting the lives of those born around May 28th –30th. This rare influence (once every aprox 82 years) brings an element of a downgrading of the ego and will awaken the heart centre to vie more with the mind… and also a little uncertainty relief /ideas /career is all probable. Go with the flow and know you are in a bit of a metamorphosis and you are rather blind as to the way forward… but that is ok too. Watch and wait..

The new Moon however affects this same group on the 28th indicating then, a potential awakening to a new relationship with yourself, as a result of an encounter with another.

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