Thursday, 1 May 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Your mind is a sharper than normal this month and a desire to communicate needs honouring, notably before the 7th if born after March 6th. However after the 7th be careful that your communications are understood and not misinterpreted by family members.

Venus is in the last degrees of your sign before the 3rd, so for that short window of opportunity, all born after March 17th can find that romance flourishes and affection abounds.

Between the 3rd and 29th, note that the ability to use your charms for financial gain is improved for all of you.

The big news is that Mars moves direct on the 20th this month and for your sign, this suggests that complex financial affairs that have been pending for some months, or profounder emotional issues that are delicate in nature are somehow able to break out of deadlock after that date and all that has been sitting rather frustratingly, suddenly finds an outlet.

All born March 4th to 14th have Jupiter enhancing your sense of luck, love and creativity. This is a fertile time, a feel good factor, and the life force is powerful and positive.

However if born around March 8th to 12th there is also the steadying hand of Saturn and there can be dutiful travel and some discipline needed in academia, but all to good result and a progressive period.

Neptune is now sitting right on the Suns of those born February 26th to 28th. For this group the true sensitivity of Pisces is unleashed. This can be positive in terms of creativity, spirituality, empathy and compassion, and it can also lead to escapism, illusion and the potential for self-deception and indeed deception from others. Keep grounded, get the opinion of earth signs, but if involved in the arts, you can soar.

Pluto meanwhile still brings strength and empowerment to those born March 3rd-5th. Incisive thinking and a powerful ability to communicate, as a leader with effectiveness is yours now..

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