Thursday, 1 May 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This is a good month for enjoyment and living life to the full. Even romance gets a boost, and between the 7th and 29th your communication skills in your working life enhance your reputation. Your home is your comfort zone where you find great security between the 3rd and 30th and where the beautifying of your environment is a focus.

Mars direct on the 20th suggests that issues to do with your career and professional standing start to show a more proactive direction, having been on hold for some time. Stresses get relieved and you see what the last few months have really been about. Authority figures show their hand and this could be discomforting if born between December 30th and January 3rd.

Jupiter however is bringing for those born January 4th to 12th a sense of indulgence, extravagance and good times, particularly via relationships, but discrimination and caution is necessary. Avoid over-trusting and over-generosity, but your normal, austere personality may keep you on the straight and narrow, and since Saturn is ensuring this is the case, those born January 8th to 12th will keep things very much in perspective.

Uranus however is a little disruptive if born January 4th to 7th. He is creating a certain restlessness and uncertainty and security, particularly domestically. All is in flux but will eventually give a kick start to a new start and future… However because of the conflict between Uranus and Pluto currently strong all born January 3rd-5th also have the huge important Pluto transit still underway (once every 248 years). This is life changing.. Be wary of misuse of power on your or another’s part. Be conscious and realise your potential to use power for the greater good. Note well too that necessary meltdowns may be in the air , endings of chapters, followed by the revolutionary new.

For those born January28th-30th Neptune is sensitising you and a need to commune with nature or the arts is important. More heart and soul and less materialism is needed..

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