Thursday, 1 May 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

The important news for Libra this month is that Mars in your sign moves direct on the 20th having been retrograde since the beginning of March. This will suggest that for many of you there is the ability to see progress and to remove the blocks, particularly vis-à-vis relationships and indeed your own action and ability to feel re-empowered in some way. This is particularly true if born October 2nd to 6th. For this group this month powerful, when your assertiveness will for once overcome your self-surrendering tendencies, and the power of others to affect your life will be significant. They will be movers and shakers in some way. In fact it is a time of profundity and you wont escape the deeper issues and truths of life.

Between the 7th and 29th, there is great window for all, for intellectual satisfaction. Communications is good and international, travel and academic issues move happily forward.

Between the 3rd and 29th, the very good news is that relationships do seem to be very protected and enhanced and your charms and indeed the charms of others combine to make life feel blessed by relationships.

If born October 7th to 15th, Jupiter is squaring your Sun now. Avoid a little over-optimism, over-confidence, self-indulgence and possibly a bit of arrogance and carelessness, particularly re career. Do not take too much for granted. Enjoy a little-indulgence but with a little moderation.

For those born October 7th to 10th Uranus is in on the act, bringing a few surprises and the unexpected from others. Do not take partners for granted, but there are others who come into your life who can kick-start you into an awareness that can be disturbing but necessary as a wake-up call, and possibly liberating. Pluto is a simultaneous powerful force now in the lives of those born October 6th-8th..For this group; power and its dark side can be affecting you. This is either your own desperate need to empower yourself, or another’s desire to block you.  Do not give in to primeval knee-jerk responses. Keep squeaky clean, but know your rights..

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