Thursday, 1 May 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd -December 21st

Your everyday routine work situation needs focus and attention and maybe some rationalising to your advantage and colleagues can be very positive in this context.

Between the 7th and 29th all of you will have an opportunity to open important lines of communication that are very fruitful with those you are close to you in any context and you will benefit from the insights of others, and indeed between the 3rd and 29th, love life is definitely enriched, as are issues to do with offspring.

Mars moving direct on the 20th after some months of retrograde motion, directly impacts your area of friendships and goals. There is a definite feeling of breakthrough and movement after a sense of a freeze-frame for a few months. There is constructive intelligent energy born, especially if born December 1st to 5th, not least in the emotional realm.

Uranus is also very much an exciting influence now if born December 6th to 9th. He is bringing a new sense of anticipation of the future and the new, exciting and the innovative to romance and also to children’s issues. Creatively it brings a great sense of confidence and belief in your own originality and uniqueness. Liberating factors are unleashed as indeed is some enlightenment.

 Neptune is still   blurring clarity if born November29th-December1st. Some insecurity is in the air and a lack of certainty and security domestically. This is a time of a sense of floating blindly and a need to trust the trade winds to take you on a rather uncertain voyage. Just make no irrevocable decisions and check the small print of everything. Redemption is the outcome,, not fully realised till early 2016, but meanwhile avoid over idealism and selective perception escapism and enjoy , music the arts, being near water and the beauties of nature.

The New moon falls in your opposite sign of Gemini on the 28th affecting those born around November 30th. For these people there is an opportunity to realise a new potential in a certain significant relationship.

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