Thursday, 1 May 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

Importantly when Mars, your ruling planet, in your opposite sign of Libra goes direct on the 20th, after two and a half months of retrograde motion, many of you will feel very much relieved from a build-up that has been accruing for several months in relation to significant relationships. This will demonstrate a decision to move forward in a certain context in a partnership. Either you or a partner will show their hand in some way. This will be most evident in the lives of those born March 30th to April 2nd.

Much of the month for you all can be devoted to reorganising finances to your benefit. Your intellect is particularly enhanced after the 7th but Venus is definitely on your side when it comes to creativity and love life between the 3rd and 29th, and indeed it is a time of great personal charm, which you exude, attracting others to you, and around the 20th is a significant time for relationship events.

If born April 3rd to 11th, be wary of over-indulgence, over-extending and over-expansion., courtesy of Jupiter’s square to your Sun. Have a little moderation.

 If born April 2nd to 6th be aware that Uranus and Pluto are still major movers and shakers in your life.  This has been a rocky time and you are still hanging on tight. It is a time for reassessment.

 Rebellious feelings, the need for freedom, adrenalized unpredictable moods and events are all filling your life if born between the above dates, and possibly with some power struggles in the background, you can be very volatile and you need to count to 10 as much as possible before action, as there is accident proneness, (physical and social) in the air, if not concentrating and being mindful.

Authority figures maybe being unreasonable and you need dignity to not sink to the same level, but to retain decorum and know when people transgress reasonable boundaries, including you. 

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