Friday, 1 August 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

August is all about relationships for Aquarians as Leo represents the 7th house of significant others, so one would expect the power of other people in any context to be quite significant in life, notably before the 15th when Mercury is also aiding and abetting relationship communications positively, and after the 12th, for all born up to February 12th there is a distinct suggestion of romantic possibilities being underscored, and affections at least are strong.

However Mars in Scorpio is not such good news for your sign as it is in square relationship in your solar 10th house, which would suggest that there may well be some stubborn stand-offs in career context. You may be feeling ruthless and even perverse, or this power could come from others. Most affected this month are all born up to February 10th. Have a care not to lash out – stop and count to ten and don’t let revenge be a motivation, and if you come across these qualities in others, draw a line and walk away.

However because Jupiter is also in your 7th house, it augurs well for all January born Aquarians because it provides a certain amount of protection coming from positive people who bring good to your life and benefits it and can also expand your horizons. It is a time for expansion of relationships, new contacts and celebrations. Because of the Mars/square Jupiter that is in the ether, it is also important that you do not confuse overconfidence with certainty of your position and find that other people are trying to trip you up as a result.

Saturn also in Scorpio suggests that career is an uphill climb and that there are responsibilities and obligations that you cannot renege on and if you play your cards right, in terms of conscientiousness and courage, you will be able to make firm, if deferred progress.

Your ruler Uranus is enhancing your individual uniqueness, if born February 3rd to 6th. Your mind is extra astute/ intuitive and you can be the catalyst for the new, for self and for others.

The Full Moon falls on the 10th and conjuncts the suns of those born Feb. 6-9th. Subterranean forces within your psyche may take you by surprise.

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