Friday, 1 August 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Your birthday month suggests a time of real celebrations and particularly as Jupiter is now established in your sign, and those most benefiting now from Jupiter’s grace are born July 26th to August 4th. For this group there is a sense of uplifting of energy, joy, optimism, positivity and growth, inner or outer. It also can bring a sense of creativity artistically and joy through children.

The danger with Jupiter transits is being overconfident, complacent, or over-bombastic.

With Venus going into your sign also after the 12th, all born up to August 16th will have extra charms and feel the draw of others’ affections as well.  There will  however be a need after the 15th for many of you to pay a little practical attention to monetary issues.

However Mars, newly in Scorpio, is a little daunting for the energies of those born July 26th to August 14th. He has a sting in the tail when he squares your Sun and now he is bringing some assertive comments and even aggression from others and you may be stubborn and unyielding. A sense of ruthlessness is in the air, particularly related to family and domestic situations. Stop and think before you react. After the 15th many of you may well be forced to deal proactively with stubborn but important, even uncomfortable issues.

Difficult days are likely to be around the 3rd and 9th when you can’t avoid some home truths, and for those born August 8th to 11th you are being browbeaten by Saturn and again family and domestic issues are weighing heavily on your shoulders and you have to do your duty and what is necessary. Equally with Uranus around, you are feeling very much as if you want to liberate yourself, fly and start a new chapter, but you can only do this, after having given yourself and infrastructure.

The full Moon on the 10th, in your opposite sign of Aquarius, is targeting those born round August 10th-12th. For this group the 10th may feel like a decisive day re relationships. The truth can hurt but can set you free too.

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