Friday, 1 August 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

August us a month when you are finding that there is intensity in the air and much profundity and, you can’t do superficial. Feelings are deep and so are others. It is also a time when complex issues to do with the more difficult aspects of the truths of life are in your face, not least, complex financial issues. Much communication will be needed in that area of life and after the 12th there can be advantages and profundity of feeling towards others, which can deepen the quality of life.

Mars in Scorpio is helpful to Capricorn, particularly if born up to January 12th. It can bring powerful and determined passion when it comes to pursuing your beliefs and ideologies and friends can be very productive and empowering in this context and your leadership skills can shine, but you will not suffer fools gladly.

Saturn too for those born January 6th to 9th demands focus, hard work and reality checks which have to be acted on, although this same group have Uranus creating a sense of rebellion and a need for freedom and change, and somehow the balance has to be struck. The tried and the true plus the new, need melding. There may be family and domestic change or disruption in the ether.  Uranus is kick starting the new and it may be necessary but a little scary.

Neptune is still quietly sensitising the consciousness of those born Dec 27th to 30th. Your mind and heart are blending, so you are less purely pragmatic and your creative side is blossoming and a very real sense of empathy and compassion is creating a new profundity. This is a rare and redemptive transit.

Pluto is still haunting the Suns of those born around January 1st to 3rd, bringing destiny, intensity, depth, endings, new beginnings and empowerment. A squeaky-clean conscience and motivation must be used in all dealings with power, whether it is your own power or others’. Again a very rare and self-redefining event

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