Friday, 1 August 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December21st

Because there is so much activity in your solar 9th house, philosophical issues, travel, international dealings, legal issues and academic issues can shine, and after the 12th, they can also be a great source of joy for those born up to December 15th… also love, travel and learning can all come together. After the 15th, there are signs that for many of you there need to be wary that your communications get thoroughly understood at work.

Mars now in Scorpio relates to your solar 12th house, suggesting it is important not to sit on any resentment or seethe, but behind-the-scenes energy can be positive, provided there is not a sense of a build-up of anger that does not have any outlet. Some uncharacteristic stubbornness is on the cards.

Travel for many may also be quite dutiful and hard academic work may be obligatory but tough, and also Saturn is now creating a situation where many of you may be reluctant to ask for help and it is important not to let problems become overwhelming because of trying to handle them alone. Jupiter, your ruler is very much your pal now if born November 25th-December4th.

Apart from great travel opportunities and long distance joy, there is a sense of inner growth and blessings and a more profound philosophical insight into life.

However for those born December 6th to 9th there is a great sense of the new, the innovative and the awakening, particularly romantically, or connected to children’s issues or creatively.  This is a once every 42 year event that kick starts you into a new and innovative future. Trust in your uniqueness and your intuition.

Have a care if born November 28th to 30th, as Neptune is still creating some smoke and mirror effects in life. All is uncertain and nothing feels solid as you are in a metamorphosis in life and you should make no certain decisions. Float and trust the trade winds to take you in the right direction, in time … and don’t take every one, yourself or anything, at face value.

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