Friday, 1 August 2014

TAURUS April 21st - May 20th

August is not such an easy month for your sign as the Sun is in square relationship to Taurus. It does put focus on family issues/challenges and this can be good, but it can also make you confront some of the more stubborn aspects of family life and the people in it.

After the 15th when Mercury moves into Virgo, the celebration of life, happy communications and creative connections with others are all flowing. Writers can flourish and offspring can be a source of important and positive communications.

Before the 12th many of you especially if born after the 6th, will find that you are able to convince others of issues you need agreement on, because of your extra charm.

However Mars in your opposite sign of Scorpio is a bit of a toughie, directly affecting this month all born April 24th to May 12th. Others are challenging, no pushovers, and there is a sense of ruthlessness in the air. You need to draw boundaries around your own behaviour and indeed walk away from others if they are out of order. Challenges in relationships are to be noted. Also if born May 6th to 9th, Saturn is bringing demands to your shoulders from others who are either oppressive or else acting as karmic schoolteachers in some way. Obligations, duties and learning curves are in the air, but also know when others are unreasonable. This takes honesty and humility to acknowledge when you, or they, need to change.

Neptune is still bringing inspiration for those born April 26th-28th. Idealism and compassion abound, as does extra emotional response to the planet and its plight. Friends are sensitive and empathetic and the ability to give selflessly is underlined .The arts are appreciated and healing. Music/film and the sea, as ever with Neptune, bring spiritual solace.

Pluto remains proactive if born May 1st to 3rd. For you, there is a sense of self-reinvention, philosophical courage and destiny calls related to higher wisdom and long distance issues.

If born April 23rd to May 2nd, Jupiter tempts extravagance /over-confidence. Have caution.

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