Friday, 1 August 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

August accentuates the area of hopes, wishes, friendships, social life and collective goals in a positive and happy way, with good communications and quite a lot of comings and goings, and from the 12th, all born up to October 15th can feel very fulfilled and happy re social events and children’s issues can be part of the picture. Missions can also get accomplished. Leadership skills are also very much appreciated and demanded and successfully executed.

After the 15th some of you may feel inclined to be a little retreatist, as you may feel others are not quite on the same page as you. Mercury will be occupying your solar 12th house of privacy and the past

Mars in Scorpio puts emphasis on finances and security in a more intense way than usual and you may well be digging deep in your pockets to afford something or focusing very much on securing your future.

Those born September 25th to October 5th have Jupiter in your 11th house, which certainly does bring the suggestion that those you are mixing with bring great benefits to you, socially and intellectually. Travel is also in the air. Saturn also points to the need for caution and care in finances.

For those born October 8th to 12th there will be very much an element of surprise in life, (thanks to Uranus) related to other people who are behaving unexpectedly and you may feel on edge. There is a lack of constancy and security in relationships and although others may well be a catalyst for change, it may well feel a little unsettling.

Pluto is challenging still to those born October 4th-6th. There is no doubt that this protracted, rare planetary challenge is bringing internal and external power struggles., possibly related to domestic/family issues. There is a need to draw boundaries around bullies and to not abuse power yourself. This influence is erupting from primeval survival instincts prompted from events that go way back. Only a certain sort of deep wisdom, thought and consciousness will help you handle this force.

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