Friday, 1 August 2014


By   Leigh Oswald .  (London based astrologer and teacher)

Jupiter now established in Leo is bringing extra pride; confidence and a rather ego-centric approach to nations who want to prove their might or their worth, notably in the Middle East. A bit of peacock arrogance is in the air, with much posturing, especially as Leo is the Sun sign of the month. Mercury too is in that sign until the 15th and dogma prevails, as does a “divine right of kings” in attitude

Also, adding to this intensity is Mars, who moved into Scorpio late last month (another fixed sign like Leo; very intractable), and also importantly, Mars, for the first week is in square alignment to the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. All this combined and we have a global seriously difficult time, in terms of potential significant abuse of power and wanton aggression.

Mars in Scorpio is one of the most powerful planetary positions. It is ruthless, intense, dogged, obsessive, whether for great good or the opposite (only too often). It takes no prisoners and when squaring the Sun, the willingness to go into battle is only too strong, with no compromise, and as long as it takes. Syria is reputed to be ruled by Scorpio as are the cities of Washington DC, Cincinnati, Baltimore, New Orleans and in the UK; the cities of Liverpool and Newcastle. Any of these cities may feel some intensity, not least the Obama administration in Washington DC.

Early month brings globally a sense of blind confidence and arrogance and hubristic behaviour and at the least a “used car salesman” attitude being perpetrated in our political establishments.

The last week of the month is also not easy when Mars conjuncts Saturn and Venus square up to that conjunction. Also the Sun will oppose Neptune, all of which points to some wilful blindness, smoke and mirrors, stubborn intransigence and rather unintelligent daring, if not plain, ruthless greed.

Leo is the sign of the lion; the king of the beasts, and just as its ruler the Sun is at the centre of the solar system, so too do Leos tend to be centre stage. Many leaders, those in positions of power and actors have strong Leo input in their chart. David Cameron (Sun and ascendant, in Libra) has his Moon in Leo, which rules his career point (the Midheaven) conjunct his Jupiter in Leo and his Mars is in Leo too.

Obama (Leo, with Aquarius rising) does have some challenges mid month when Mars squares his ascendant.

Also, the full Moon falls on the 10th at 18°of Aquarius and is then exactly on the rising degree of Obama’s chart. This will be a very tough time for him.
More positive days however are the 2nd and 3rd when Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, the 21st and 22nd when Mercury trines Pluto, and the 7th and 15th/16th when Mars harmonises respectively with Neptune and Pluto. The visionary, the new and the healing may well be in the air.

The new Moon is on the 25th at 2’° of Virgo. New beginnings are in the air.

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