Friday, 1 August 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

The sign Leo correlates with your solar 3rd house of communications and thought processes. Your normally active and alive sharp mind is therefore extra powerful this month and can be used to your advantage. Communications of all sorts are whizzing around in your life and writing gifts flourish.

Before the 12th finances can go well, and after the 12th your charms combine with your undeniable intellect. Your ruler Mercury after the 15th, is in your solar 4th house suggesting that if born up to June 19th, communications with family will then need extra care and attention

Challenges at work will demand focus and concentration, as there are some quite strong-minded people around you, as Mars is now in your solar 6th house, along with Saturn; the stern school teacher

Jupiter however is working wonders for those born May 24th to June 2nd. His sextile to your Sun now is really enhancing your confidence and luck and brings opportunities that you need to grasp with both hands. Once again your wisdom and communication gifts are underlined and siblings are more likely to be positive influences in life. Much comings and goings are indicated and valuable and joyful communications are in the air; given and received.

If born June 5th to 8th, new contacts, new goals, new values are waking up your mind. Your big-picture understanding and intuition are strong and you are seeking individuality to celebrate.

Neptune, in his long haul through Pisces is still hovering around the square point to the Suns of those born May 26th-28th. In the solar 10th house.. For these people there is a sense of confusion and uncertainty re career/career direction, even a sense of dissolving.  No major decisions should be taken, as all in metamorphosis and it is a slow and rather blind journey to change as the old order, both within and without, slips away. 2015 will show will reveal the shore you are sailing towards, as the fog will lift.  Don’t take anyone too much at face value.

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