Friday, 1 August 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This month puts a lot of focus on your solar 12th house which is the house of privacy, behind-the-scenes, the unconscious and the past, so many of you may be feeling a little retreatist, or at least wishing to attend to very private matters, and indeed after the 12th, love life may take on a clandestine feel.  Before the 12th for all born after September 8th, Venus is bringing fun, joy and a touch of cupid influence in social life and through friendships.

After the 15th when Mercury moves into your sign, all born up to September 20th will also have the advantage of having extra powerful methods of communication and your intellect is convincing to others.

Mars, now in Scorpio, works well for your sign. It gives acerbic insight and pithy words and you do not mess around with the truth, particularly so if born August 28th to September 14th. Views you give and receive will be powerful.

If born August 26th to September 4th there will be a feeling of having some quiet guardian angel sitting on your shoulder, courtesy of Jupiter now established in Leo, building you up for a new chapter or new launch that will be evident next summer.

If born September 8th to 11th Saturn is ensuring that you are mature, grown-up, measured and steady in your thinking and speaking and in your everyday activities. Deferred gratification will be the result of your efforts. Neptune is creating potential delusion or deception from self or others, if born August 29th –31st. Check the small print and beware rose coloured spectacles. Do however bathe yourself in the arts and the beauties of nature.

Pluto is very empowering now if born September 3rd –5th. This rare transit is bringing an incisive and forensic view of things and your communications have power and effectiveness.. Truth is valuable and is your sword and your shield (as it is for us all).

Finally the new Moon of the 25th falls on the Suns of those born August 25th –27th.  This is a time of celebrating an initiation and a time to sow for the future.

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