Friday, 1 August 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This is a month when many of you will have to focus successfully on finances/security issues and claiming your real values , and positive results from these efforts can occur after the 12th.

From the 15th many of you will find that communications work more successfully than of late.

Before the 12th, all born after July 8th have Venus gracing your sign, giving you extra charm, allure and it is a very good time for harmony, romance and a sense of togetherness and it also gives extra good taste, and friends are invaluable.

Mars in his strong position in Scorpio now is actually benefiting those born June 24th to July 14th. He is bringing strength, courage, determination, physically, psychologically and spiritually, particularly connected to creative matters, romantic matters; and off spring can be a powerful influence on your life. You are no shrinking violet.

Jupiter now in Leo, which represents your solar 2nd house, suggests that at the very least, finances may feel protected for 12months or so.

Currently, for those born around July 7th to 11th, you are having a combined influence from Saturn and Uranus. This suggests you need to be focused, measured, hard working and grounded alongside a need for excitement, risk and adventure, particularly connected to career. All is in flux and you are feeling quite on the edge of your seat, but keep both feet on the ground and much good will emerge. Romance needs a serious grown up approach which serves you well, even though career may feel unstable, before a liberation occurs.

Pluto challenges all born round July 2nd –4th to hang on to your hat and do not let coercive people get the better of you. Avoid sinking to their levels and if necessary. after trying to ensure that justice prevails , walk way.  Endings are in the ether and they are meant to be .

Neptune however brings magic to those born July 27th-29th. True spiritual sensitivity flourishes and your creative gifts need expressing

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