Friday, 1 August 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

The Sun is in your solar 10th house this month as is Mercury till the 15th and also Venus after the 12th. This all points to a very great need to shine regardless of the stresses and strains in your career and to make headway, but because of the fixity of the combination, you could spoil progress by being a little too stubborn, particularly as Mars is now in your sign.

Those now directly affected by Mars are those born October 27th to November 15th.  For this group there will be a very strong sense of passion, anger, and determination. Physical, spiritual and psychological energy needs very wise control and channelling. You will always need a wise and good motivation, or it can get you into hot water. Other people will not allow you to be the steamroller you want to be. Do avoid arrogance or overconfidence and admit your doubts.

After the 15th all born up to November 19th have a potential for great input from friends and the power to get really heard about what you are passionate about,

Before the 12th love and vacations combine perfectly if born after November 8th.

Fortunately all born up to November 6th have Jupiter also in your 10th house, but squaring your Sun which again points to confidence and success, provided there is some modesty and moderation which can be in short supply with a square from Jupiter..

Saturn however is bringing to those born November 8th to 11th some karmic retribution possibly, or at least the realisation that one has got to be very down to earth, pragmatic, practical, and bite bullets that are necessary, even if uncomfortable. Saturn is also reminding you of the march of time and that one never gets younger. This is a time of seriousness and needs maturity of response.

Neptune is reminding those born October 29th –31st that love without ego is so precious, and that the creative/spiritual font can’t be ignored.

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