Monday, 1 September 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

 This is not a month for the superficial. It is about profundity and forensic insight. It is also about dealing with the more uncomfortable truths of life, particularly in relationships and finances, but very positive depth of feeling can be experienced after the 5th.

Communications long-distance and successful travels, as well as good news re academic issues is around for all, after the 2nd. Before the 5th for all born after the 12th, Cupid's influence is in the air and affections are forthcoming.

However before the 13th Mars is still in troubled Scorpio, which suggests that for all born after February 9th there could be some rather ruthless influences around you in your professional capacity and you have to be aware of the same behaviour in self. After the 13th if born up to February 1st, leadership goals and skills can be pursued with successful vigour.

For all born January 29th to February 5th Jupiter is very protective. He is also bringing opportunities for very good and positive people into your life who can be exceptionally enhancing relationship-wise. There are also opportunities for travel. The downside is a little bit of over-confidence, over-reaching or over-trusting.

If born February 6th to 10th you will feel a little oppressed this month. Things are blocked and restricted professionally. You have to face facts and bite bullets, and tiredness is likely to be an issue. Reality checks can abound. Authority figures are either unreasonably oppressive or need to be listened to as teachers. Your choice. Saturn demands humility and self-honesty

Uranus however is smiling on those born February 2nd to 5th. Your intuition and uniqueness is showing. Your charisma is extra strong and your insight is admirable, and your independent spirit and belief in self should be trusted.  Thinking outside the box is a normal gift for you, but right now, you really are seeing the very big picture.

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