Monday, 1 September 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

Your ability to work with others for a collective project is admirable now and friends are helpful in terms of their wisdom and your communications skills should not be underestimated. After the 5th many of you will find that love and affection flourish, particularly if a friend turns into a romantic partner, but at the least you will find that you are a popular member of any group. For many of you, behind-the-scenes negotiations and your intuition serve you well.

Mars in your sign is directly impacting before the 13th all born after November 13th. For this group, there is a real need to keep calm, to stop and think before you act or react as there are explosive reactions in the air and you have to be very careful that controlling or ruthless desires do not dominates your actions, as they attract exactly the same back to you. After the 13th many of you will put very useful energy into financial security issues.

If born November 2nd to 9th, it is important to beware this month of over-confidence, over-reaching and over-arrogance, particularly in a professional context. Success is around but don't push your luck.

For those born November 10th to 14th, Saturn is sitting fairly and squarely on your Sun as he did in December and early January and also in May/June earlier this year. For the final time you have to face facts, do what has to be done, get real and acknowledge the difference between what is needed and what is wanted.

Your ruler Pluto is now directly influencing those born November 2nd –5th. The power of your intellect is giving you profundity of wisdom, insight and great communication skills that resonates with others potentially very positively. There is a fated feeling at the moment and what you say and what you write goes far. You are in a period of self-reinvention and almost a sense of destiny is around you.

Neptune is baptising the souls of those born October28th-31st. love life, artistic self-expression and offspring issues are magical in quality. Empathy and spiritual sensibilities are increased

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