Monday, 1 September 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

September is a month that focuses on relationships and significant others, notably after the 5th when Venus is also in Virgo and all of you will experience positive input from other people, if not a real flourish of romance. Reciprocity of warmth and affection is in the air and communications around finances can be very fruitful for many.

Before the 13th if born after March 11th, travel and academic pursuits may very much be energised and your determination and passions are strong. Thereafter, for all born up to March 3rd, there will be a need to avoid impulsiveness, impatience and over-assertiveness, particularly in career, and it is also possible that others may be projecting the same qualities towards you. Be calm.

Saturn however is giving a steadying hand if born March 8th to 12th but travel may well be for work or duty.

If born February 23rd to 26th, keep grounded, enjoy the arts, utilize your creative talents and try and avoid escapism, as your sensitivity is enormous.

Pluto is sill a regenerative influence if born February 28th-March 3rd. Powerful contacts can help you reinvent your self and give you confidence to empower you true potential.. Your friends are exceptionally positive influences in your life and you can be life changing in a truly positive way for others. Leadership skills are triggered especially when used for the greater good.

The full Moon is in Pisces at 16 degrees on the 9th. This will directly affect all born March 6th-8th. For this group this period can bring a critical period in relationships. Things that have been building within the subconscious erupt from others and some music gas to be faced.. Endings of chapters however can make room for the new and the regenerative.

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