Monday, 1 September 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Leos are often not too good at dealing with money, but this month it is a must that you focus on your financial situation and well being, and indeed from the 5th many of you could find yourself surprisingly lucky in that area.

However with Mars in not so friendly to you Scorpio, all born after August 13th need to be aware that those you share home space with may be a little war-like and will not let you get away with anything they are not happy with, and you yourself may be a little like a bull in a china shop, which can aggravate others. Issues of control could become critical.

However after the 13th if born up to August 4th there is a re-emergence of energy, confidence and drive, creatively, romantically, physically, spiritually and psychologically, and offspring can be sources of inspiration.

Those who are most blessed are those born August 1st to 9th who have Jupiter sitting right on their Sun. For this group there is a sense of well being, growth, both inner and outer and luck. Travel is also particularly enhancing of life. Romantic issues, creative desires and children can also bring great joy into life.

However Saturn is less kind to those born August 10th to 14th. He is bringing significant reality checks to your door about the need to put your life on a more grown-up, concrete basis and hard work will be necessary, both externally and internally, to do this. Delays are to be expected, rather than denials. It is also a time to remember that you are not twenty any more.

Uranus is still in his once every 42 year trine relationship to your sun if born August 8th-9th.
This group are still being enhanced with the awakening/enlightening influence that Uranus brings. Long distance connections and academic pursuits are totally life enhancing. Technology is your friend and intuition and eureka moments are all in the air. The power of the super conscious and the liberating is strong.

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