Monday, 1 September 2014

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a time for focusing on sorting out the practicalities of life and work; rationalising, putting things on a stronger, more organised basis and giving yourself to service, both professionally and in private life in a way that you will find satisfying.

After the 2nd many of you find your communication skills are excellent and harmony can be created, even in hard circumstances, by an ability to talk people round and receive other’s wisdom. After the 5th your charm and generosity brings serenity to your working life.

From the 13th when Mars moves into Sagittarius, all born up to April 2nd may find travel is particularly energising and long-distance communications are executed with vigour, courage and intelligence, and academic pursuits are enthusiastically tackled with success.

Jupiter is in excellent angle to the Suns of those born March 30th to April 6th. He brings fun, enjoyment, a party spirit, creative confidence and romantic opportunities. Travel too can incorporate any or all of these qualities. A feeling of optimism and positivity surrounds you.

Uranus still sits on the Suns of those born April 7th to 11th. For this group there is a strong sense still of change, restlessness, uncertainty, a new direction, a shift of value systems. A more maverick you is being born with innovation being part of the picture. This journey to change has not necessarily as yet, got an arrival point in sight, so be patient and trust.

Pluto is still on the case of those born March 30th –April 2nd. This 2-year journey is nearly over. Power struggles and crises re authority figures have been difficult and primeval instincts have dominated, feeling like fundamental survival instincts This journey is deep and needs truthful awareness in order to transform consciousness of self.  Acknowledge some eternal truths of life, and that it’s not always a welcome journey… but strength comes from it.

The new Moon falls in Libra on the 24th, and those born round March 21st may feel on that day, a sense of a refreshing small revolution with a significant other.




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