Monday, 1 September 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

This is a month when you feel a little reclusive and out of step with others who are just not reading from the same hymnbook. Indeed after the 5th many of you will be conducting relationships in a rather clandestine fashion, but behind-the-scenes good deeds for others are enhancing your soul. From the 2nd however, your communication skills are particularly good and the power of your mind is sharp.

Before the 13th there will be much energy and passion put into securing your financial situation and after the 13th all born up to October 5th will feel a surge of energy, drive, determination and intellectual assertiveness, that is very constructive.

This month also sees all those born October 2nd to 9th having a really positive and powerful input from friends and people who can be very constructively helpful to you, and you too have a sense of being very much in demand. Luck surrounds your projects. All courtesy of Jupiter.

However if born October 6th to 9th, Uranus is suggesting some chaos, unpredictability and insecurity vis-à-vis other people, who are not consistent and who indeed are restless. Other people through changes in their life and attitude are actually kick-starting you to make changes in your own life, even if it feels uncomfortable. Ultimately this can be very liberating. People who come into your life now, may be ships in the night and way-showers and light-bearers, rather than permanent fixtures, so keep flexible.

Pluto is less than easy an influence now if born October 2nd –5th. He brings inner stress related to your wanting control over your life and a certain situation. This in turn may bring conflict with others. Be aware that you are feeling eruptions from way back manifesting in your psyche and it is primeval, so be conscious, count to 10 and analyse your fears honestly.

The new Moon in your sign, is on the 24th, directly impacting those born Sept 23rd/24th. A new dawn is in the air.

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