Monday, 1 September 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This is your birthday period, therefore a time in theory to shine and to not demonstrate your usual self-effacing instincts, and indeed after the 5th when Venus is in your sign, it is a very lucky time for love and money and also for travel. Being very wily about finances is also part of the picture when it comes to your communication skills this month.

Mars in Scorpio is also very positive for those born after September 13th. Your normal skilful communications become very in depth and affective and the truth will be your god.

After the 13th if born up to September 5th, be aware that you could be a stickler for detail at home, which can cause stress with others you live with, or equally people you share house space with could be irritable. Count to ten and don't waste time arguing over petty issues.

Saturn, if born September 10th to 14th,, is bringing much gravitas to your thinking and your communications are measured and constructive if a little serious,. Duty to sibling may be in the air and a sense of hard work related to study is possible.

Pluto continues, for all those born September 2nd to 5th, to bring greater confidence in yourself creatively and romantically and empowerment in the belief in your own uniqueness is really strong and your own determination if necessary to self-reinvent into a more regenerated and transformed human being is noteable. Taking your self very seriously now is necessary as you encounter your true potential and are a celebrant of your gifts.

Neptune is in your opposite sign and now directly affecting all born August 27th-30th. For this group, be wary of seeing people as victims to save or heroes to worship. No one should be either and beware false representation by others. . However compassion and empathy and increased sensitivity is very powerful.

The full Moon on the 9th will bring for those born September 8th-10th an unexpected development in life and it will come via another, which may take you by surprise.

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